Ventoux mountain and  Sault area

Sault, the lavender country, the spectacular Nesque canyon, the Mont Ventoux mountain, happiness for the eyes !

The entry of the Nesque canyon
Nesque canyon




To reach Sault starting from the Clos des Sorgues, we go through Pernes-les-Fontaines, located just 10 minutes away and whose visit is very pleasant.

The gorge road begins at Villes-sur-Auzon.


Nesque river rises on the eastern slopes of Mount Ventoux and flows into the Sorgue after a journey of 70 km.

overview of the Nesque canyon
The Nesque canyon reaches a depth of 400 m.




With 12 km, its depths reaching 400 m, tunnels and lookouts, this canyon is after the Verdon, the most spectacular in Provence.


And, best of all, it is relatively unfrequented !


Paths allow to reach the bottom of the canyon for a sporty ride with other sightseeings.




Monieux, a nice village in an exceptional site
Monieux at the Nesque canyon entry





The village of Monieux, 6 km from Sault marks the exit of the gorge; in an exceptional site, the village deserves a stroll among old house, squares and fountains.

The middleage village of Sault
Sault in the middle of the lavender fiields




At a height of  766 meters , Sault is a quiet medieval village outside the summer months, where nature lovers love to stay; it overlooks a beautiful landscape of hills, where different cultures create patchworks of colors.

Lavender is here Culture Queen

The hills spotted with lavender fields
Lavender landscape around Sault




In July, the lavender fields are in bloom and the area becomes a paradise for photographers.


Best period for the blooming lavender : end of june until july 15.


Bedoin village
Bedoin at the foot of the Ventoux mount



The mont ventoux

At the foot of the southern slope, Bedoin is the Mecca of cycling ; this is a pleasant village with a nice market, the starting point of the climb for many cyclists.

360° view from the Ventoux summit
Overview from the Ventoux summit


The Ventoux will probably not take its name from its exposure to the wind but it either comes from the healer peak god "Vintur"  or from the Latin word Venturi, meaning "that is visible from afar."

It peaks at 1912m.

The climb from Bedoin is the most difficult because the village is only 300 meters and it remains 1612 m to climb !

It is possible to climb to the Ventoux from Sault by a pretty road that joins the Bedoin road shortly before the summit.




The summit of Mont Ventoux  1912 m high
The summit of Mont Ventoux and the communication tower




over 1600 m elevation, we appreciate the evolution of the vegetation up to the desert limestone summit.


The 360 ° view which one enjoys from the summit alone justifies the rise

The descent to Malaucène
Overview from the start of the north slope





The descent from the north slope, with more alpine vegetation offers more wild and spectacular perspectives and joins Malaucene


Fashion shop in Malaucène !






The village is lively during the summer season ; in the center a promontory offers great sightseeings