14 km from the Clos des Sorgues away, Monteux is a small town that offers several poles of tourist attractiveness


Parc Spirou map
Parc Spirou


Parc Spirou


A theme Parc that opened in 2018 in Monteux, rollers coasters, family rides and digital simulations.


Wave Island


17 nautical attractions 100% slides, a surf wave of 3.5 m unique in the world !

Le parc nautique Wave Island
Wave Island
Monteux the traversée des arts
trompe l'oeil painting in Monteux



The "traversée des arts"



Monteux has chosen to revitalize the city by offering artists and artisans to settle in the heart of the village along a street crossing the village.

Already fifteen are in place and in the long term, several dozen will occupy the center.

Monteux, a door decorated with a trompe l'oeil painting
Traversée des arts in Monteux






Many trompe-l'oeil paintings decorate the facades, little squares cross the way.

Painters, sewing workshops, stained glass makers, stylists, ceramists, mosaicists are at work and offer their creations to amateurs.

The workshops are open on the first Saturday of each month but are also often present and available outside of these dates.


Why not  make a detour for this original stroll and  visit these welcoming artists! 





Monteux fireworks


Monteux famous fireworks


It takes place every year on the 4th Friday of August and attracts more than 40,000 people.


It is no coincidence that one of the most beautiful French fireworks takes place in this small town:

From the beginning of the 20th century, the pyrotechnic industry is flourishing in the city, there will be up to 5 active factories in Monteux; among them, the Ruggieri establishments, whose ancestors of Italian origin have since 1739 started their career as pyrotechnics of King Louis XV.

The current show is still signed "Ruggieri"