From Cassis to La Ciotat

The Sugiton Calanque
The Sugiton calanque close to Marseille




The famous "calanques" begin in Marseille : the old port is one of them, this advancing sea arm within the land held the attention of the Phocéens and decided them to settle there.


The  Sugiton Calanque near Marseille is beautiful.




Cassis between Calanques and cliffs
Cassis, the harbour and the village




Cassis (we do not say the "s") is located in a remarkable position between the Calanques north and the Canaille Cape south, with one of the highest cliffs in Europe.


The city is lively and touristic, and this is the main departure point for boats that explore the calanques.

It is nice to wander the narrow streets and harbor.



En-Vau calanque in Cassis
En-Vau Calanque

The Calanques


Between Marseille and Cassis, the coast is beautiful and wild, between garrigue and creeks.

The calanques of Port Miou, Port-Pin and En Vau are accessible from Cassis.

The descent to the beach of En Vau is very steep.


The ride road, the highest cliffs in Europe
The ridge road between Cassis and La Ciotat




The ridge road in the direction of La Ciotat offers over 12 km panoramas as exceptional as impressive ; some viewpoints rise to over 300 m and the view is breathtaking : not to be missed unless subject to  vertigo !


The ridge road between Cassis and La Ciotat
The ride road, the highest cliffs in France
La ciotat, the shipyards
La Ciotat, the port facilities

La Ciotat


Shipyards appear in the 16th century but industrialize in the 1830s and form the heart of the city economic activity up to their date of closure in 1988 after employing nearly 6,000 people.

With 105 diehard former employees who fought for the maintenance of the industrial site, the renewal of the site will begin in the 2000s with the renovation of port facilities and a new guidance to the high yatching.

Today, the shipyards employ around 700 people and have many facilities, such as the largest boat lift inEurope, 2000 tonnes, 80 meters, and work successfully in the maintenance and renovation of Mega yachts.


La Ciotat, the beaches
A beach in La Ciotat



La Ciotat is also there that took place in 1895 the first cinema projection, "the entrance of the train in La Ciotat train station" by the Lumière brothers, it is here also that the bowls play "Petanque" was born, when an inhabitant from La Ciotat with rheumatism was allowed to play "pié tanqués" (with fix feet in Provencal langage) and not compelled to do the 3 steps required by the Provencal game.


There are here sandy beaches,



An ancient and very authentic old city , with the colors of the south,

La Ciotat, one of the two calanques, Figuerolles
La Ciotat, Figuerolles calanque










And two Calanques